Terms & Conditions

Commercial Warranty

Wellseated offers a limited warranty pending item, unless stated otherwise. The warranty covers defects in the material and workmanship used by the manufacture of the products. Wellseated Pty Ltd will repair or replace furniture that failed structurally during normal use and with regular maintenance. Wellseated is to decide whether to replace or repair.

Warranty Exclusions

The warranty does NOT cover :

  • All warranties will be deemed void if furniture is damaged through neglect, misuse (i.e. dragging), abuse, acts of nature, fire or freezing.
  • Failure to provide proper care and maintenance.
  • Routine wear items such as ‘feet’/glides, wheels, stoppers, grommets and any other wearing parts.
  • Normal fading.
  • Scratching and chipping of paint finishes.
  • Scratching and chipping of furniture.
  • Stains, discolouring, corrosion and damage caused by contact with chemicals (eg bleach, tanning lotions, floor cleaners)
  • Accidental damage.
  • Any furniture that has been modified, customized or altered in any way after delivery.
  • Unstable furniture due to uneven floor surface. Please check the square of the table by placing on to a perfectly flat surface (eg bench top).
  • Marking and wear and tear from stacking.
  • Unravelling or unwinding of woven vinyl seats and backs where there is evidence of vandalism or abuse in the form of unpicking, cutting or tampering.
  • Freight and transportation of warranty replacements to site.

An application for warranty on a product must be made in writing within the warranty period. The application should contain a detailed description of the claimed fault accompanied with either a photograph/s and/or a sample of the items claimed. The claim must be accompanied by a proof of purchase; please enclose a copy of the applicable invoice.

It is the customers responsibility to provide complete information regarding the claimed items to our office. Furniture replaced under warranty must be returned to us immediately after replacements have been supplied to complete the claim.

Warranty Exclaimer

Please note that Xavierotis Pty Ltd, as the authorised, official Australian distributor, represents the manufacturer in respect to warranty claims. If the manufacturer will not provide warranty for any reason, then Xavierotis Pty Ltd is not liable for warranty.

In the unlikely event that the manufacturer declines a warranty claim. Xavierotis Pty Ltd will use every endeavour to resolve the situation in the best interests of our clients but we reserve the right to decline the claim in line with the manufacturer.

Faulty or Broken Goods

The customer must inspect the goods upon delivery and give written notice to Wellseated within three (3) business days of delivery if the goods do not comply with the relevant specifications or description. The goods shall be deemed to have been accepted in good order and condition and no claim for credit, non-delivery or repair of goods shall be accepted unless notification is made within three (3) days in writing to Wellseated.

Wellseated does not accept return of goods or responsibility for any losses arising from defective assembly or installation if such goods were damaged during their assembly or installation by the customer.